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Tel: (+44) 020 8741 5150

Welcome to Kajarana Motorcycles
Established in 2005 and serving the public for over 10 years, we have built a reputation on trust and reliability.



We offer great prices on new and used motorcycles and accessories from some of the UKs leading brands.

View our current stock range below (accessories page coming soon).



No matter how small or large your motorcycle may be, regular servicing helps to maintain the value of your motorbike and offers piece of mind.  It also reduces the risk of mechanical breakdowns and avoidable repair bills.

We offer full annual service inspectdions as well as interim services for low mileage motorcycles that don't warrent such a thorough inspection each year.

We also offer all types of mechanical and body repairs, our professional workshops provide a genuine alternative to the franchised main dealers, providing a personal service at sendisble prices.  Our mechanics have a wealth of technical expertise gained from over 20 years in the motorcycle trade, we are genuinely passionate about motorcycles.

We offer free collection and delivery service for customer living Hammersmith, all other areas wil indur a small charge for this service.

Whats Included in a Service

  • Intermediate Service
  • Full Service

Starts from £45 + Parts
Oil & Filter Replace (4 stroke only)
Spark Plug Replace
Brake Pads Check/Replace
Brake Fluid Check/Replace
Air Filter Check/Clean
Tyre Pressure Check/Adjust
Tyre Condition Check/Replace

Starts from £99 + Parts
Oil & Filter Replace (4 stroke only)
Spark Plug Replace
Brake Pads & Fluid Check/Replace
Air Filter Check/Clean
Steering Check/AdjustSuspension
CheckGear Oil Check/Replace
Throttle Freeplay Check/Adjust
Carb Mixture Check/Adjust
Idle Speed Check/Adjust
Electrics Check
Coolant Check/Replace
Tyre Pressure Check/Adjust
Tyre Condition Check/Replace
Transmission: Rollers Check/Replace, V-Belt Check/Replace
Oil Pump Check/Adjust (2 Stroke Only)Nut and Bolt Check







If you bike is three years or older (from date of registration) it will require an MOT test to comply with the current legislation, failure to have a current or valid MOT could result in a fine of up to £1000, not to mention invalidate your insurance.



Motorcycles have around 20% MOT failure rate, rather than have the disappintment of having your bike fail a test, there are a number of pre-checks that you can carry out before taking your bike for a test.

Kajarana Motorcycles can arrange an MOT for you motorcycle along with any repairs that need to be done, we can even do a quick pre-check on your bike if you rather have professional opinon prior to your MOT test.